Why Online Food Delivery Is Becoming Popular Day By Day in Kolkata 2020

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Today, nothing looks like before. Nowadays everyone is busy earning money or maybe participate in the rat race to prove themselves better than others. Every action is now just to earn a little more to lead a good life. Now buyers are quite comfortable ordering apparel, shoes, electronics, among others, online. With comfortable improved of online payments. Now selling ready food items in a wide range of restaurants online is a new addition. It is everyone’s dream to eat ready food with the bound of deliciousness to take a break from regular daal-chawal.

Economical overview

Fast food or junk food is something which you can’t resist for long. But due to this nerve-racking life schedule we almost forget to jam with friends and family. One day of the whole hectic weakened demands to be rest at home without any hustle. But your brain never stops demanding change of taste. But in Sundays everywhere has mob-flood. Ordering food online can be only way out to avoid all the floods out there and have some delicious meal at the comfort of your home.

A quick look at online food delivery

Online food delivery is a way of buying food using a web-based shopping service. Some of the applications are provide the vast range of restaurant option all over the city to buy any kind of ready food items. You can choose any regional dish from your choice food counter and mention them some cooking instruction. You can also checked reviews of the restaurant or foods from the same application. And track your order too. You can also help your valet by adding some tip for them in this situation.

There are two basic methods that people can use to purchase these items online. One is to order them from a local snack bar that participates in online shopping. Another one is to order food from a restaurant which not at all closes to you to reach. But now it seems close at your finger-tip. You can easily order from them as well.

Advertisement hacks

With better advertisements about the vast range of restaurants, payments, facilities, variety regional food, and quick delivery with tracking facility and with easier access to online ordering, online food delivery is more opportune than ever. And with the new technologies, it becomes easier and demanding.

In short, food delivery is definitely changing every day because of the tech age, just like grocery and other online shopping.

Why prefer online?

It’s now common to see someone shopping online for books, electronics, music, even medicines. But given the state of traffic in big cities and the lack of time, going out for dinner or lunch seems to be the next big thing. There is no time for pin hunches, now we all believe that time is money. This is why many people prefer to buy online to save time to earn money. The list of advantages is attached below.

  • More variety.
  • Least chaos.
  • Quick delivery options.
  • Review checking option.
  • Can check cleanliness and add some cooking instructions as well
  • Time-saving.
  • Vast range of restaurants with many dishes.
  • Deals and offers.
  • Quick price comparisons.
  • Credit option.
  • Track order option
  • Can use coupons for more discounts.
  • Buy things with no one knowing.
  • Keeps on evolving
  • You can do it by sitting on your favourite sofa.

Reasons Why Online Food Delivery Is Becoming Popular Day By Day in Kolkata

1. No More Queuing or Parking Hassles

Order food online means no queuing at the checkout to pay, no parking hassles as you search for a space in the shopping mall car park, and no negotiating the in-store crowds if you have to shop at peak times.

2. Lockdown or pandemic effects on sitting

In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, government has set some of rules for everyone. Restaurants are closed for this reason, but the craving and hunger not, we cannot stay away from these food for so long. And for this rule the restaurants are also faces many economic issues, so they jump into the online food delivery option. And it is become hit. Now stay home, stay safe and enjoy the delicious meal.

3. Peaceful escape from the crowd

Before this pandemic situation, restaurants are full every time. You cannot take a sit in one chance without standing in the long queue for more than an hour. It is so frustrating after a tiring day. This is also a reason people are more tend to order food online. This is so easy to get the same food in your home ambience, you can eat food by watching your favourite movies or goofing on your favourite song. You can also plan a candle light romantic dinner as well. But at the restaurant this might cost a lot.

4. Easy to impress guests

Online food delivery can be a saviour for you when guests come suddenly without prior information. You can get them pour into some delicious food just by ordering food on your preferred restaurant without going outside, or having any kind of crowd trouble. It will also save your time which you will be spent in the kitchen by preparing snacks for the guest. Now can easily sit back, doing chit-chat and your food will be delivering by the time without any fail.

5. Tiredness is the new excuse to eat delicious

If one day after returning from the office late, after completing all the boring assignments, if your mood is not to cook dinner, and urge to eat something nice and taste-changing, you can easily order food online.

Before this system came up there is no other way but to cook after a tiring day for everyone. But now it is just a casual click away.

6. Keep children’s demand

Children get easily bored by eating homemade food regularly. They demand junkies at least once in a week. But nowadays apart from crowed restaurants the working parents couldn’t manage time to go out every weekend to eat food. So now they can easily order food from online and eat happily. But eating excessive junk foods are not good for anyone.

7. Money-saving

There are many online apps which provide online food delivery facility. They all are come up with many discounts and offers almost regularly. The ‘coupon codes’ can save money for you. This facility can only available while order food online. And online food delivery system can also get rid you off to pay tips to the tender. It also saves the wastage of food. You can keep the extra food to the fridge for next day.


The overall online food delivery experience is not just convenient but also encourages savings. Everyone is busy nowadays with their work and responsibilities and this sure helps in solving a big-time problem. With more and more people going online in India, ‘online food delivery’ is the present and very soon will see rapid growth in the future as ‘time is money and this smart choice helps in saving both.

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