Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Date Palm Jaggery (Khejur Gur)

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Nolen Gur or khejur gur or date palm jaggery is abundantly found in the Bengali desserts during winter. From rosogollas to icecreams, Nolen gur is a sweetener we relish to the fullest. Seldom do we wonder how date palm jaggery is made and what it does. So, we decided to embark on a fun adventure to tell you all about kehjur gur. 

Grab your Nolen gur rosogollas and enjoy a yummy read!

The Ins and Outs of Khejur Gur

Gur comes from two main sources in Bengal and neighboring areas like Jharkhand. The jaggery found in moa and low-priced products is made from sugarcane. However, sugar cane gur is not very respected when it comes to taste and flavors.

The winner emerges as Nolen gur or the jaggery made from khejur or date trees. How is date palm jaggery made?

During winter, you would find people selling fresh date tree juice on the streets of Calcutta even a few decades back. Back in our childhood, we remember buying a glass of “khejurer rosh” for maybe a buck or two. The taste was heavenly and instantly calmed your body, making you feel refreshed!

The same juice left till midday ferments to become the famous “tari.” You can still get tari in places like Birbhum and regions with red soil Wasabi Wallet. Coming back to the topic, the date tree juice is collected, boiled, and processed to make Nolen gur. 

The batch of date tree juice for making Nolen gur is collected in the early morning. A second batch is collected later in the day to make another form of gur, the “jiren gur.” However, it’s also no match for the finesse of Nolen gur!

No wonder Bengalis are mad about Nolen gur. It can be a far healthy choice than regular refined sugar for the health-conscious. Let’s take a closer look at khejur gur and what it may do for you. 

Date Palm Jaggery: A Better Choice than Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is now a known culprit that can bring on many deadly diseases. Choosing any form of jaggery over refined can be a healthy choice for all. Gur contains molasses that has some nutritional value. 

Additionally, Nolen gur contains magnesium, potassium, manganese, and iron. You also get a bit of B vitamins, calcium, and zinc. Going by this, jaggery is a better choice than regular sugar, but there is a catch. Don’t expect jaggery to fulfill your nutritional requirements. It has too little of them to make a difference. 

You’d need to eat a lot of jaggery to get any nutritional benefits. That’s not a wise path to walk as jaggery still contains calories. So, what is khejur gur good for?

Instant Energy Boost

Nolen gur lemonade can provide you the calories to up your energy levels. Half a cup of jaggery contains around 383 calories, the majority of which is made of sucrose. You can expect results similar to glucose drinks to help you go through your routine. 

Gur lemonade can be a great way to beat the summer sun if you can save some gur for later. 

May Aid Digestion

Rujuta Diwekar, a popular nutritionist, calls jaggery the remedy for “rusty gut.” While there is no scientific research, some believe gur can stimulate digestive enzymes. It may help you clean your gut and get relief from constipation. 

The use of gur for digestive issues is popular in Indian culture. Earlier, people used to eat jaggery after meals. However, jaggery doesn’t have any fiber or water content. These two are essential for having a healthy bowel movement. Let’s say you got nothing to lose by trying a little gur and see if it improves your symptoms.

May Ease Cough and Cold

Many sources claim khejur gur to bring relief from cough and cold. Drinking warm water with jaggery or tea may help soothe your throat. It may reduce the irritation on your throat muscles and even bring down your sneezing.

May Act as a Pain Reliever

Jaggery may also be a good option to fight your migraines. People believe date palm jaggery to act as a natural painkiller. Combined with ghee, it may relax your blood vessels to lower pain. 

We also found articles saying gur can heal your joint and leg pain. It may even work for conditions like arthritis. Nolen gur does contain some amount of calcium that contributes to strong bones. 

Additionally, khejur gur may contain a good dose of antioxidants. They can also play a role in providing relief from pain. 

A Cure for PMS?

PMS and menstrual cramps can bring nightmares to the fairer sex. Nolen gur may work to ease your cramps during the few days of the month and make things bearable. Eating khejur gur may release endorphins that relax you and calm you down. 

You can try Nolen gur with hot milk with a bit of ginger for the best results. 

May Aid Weight Loss Goals

Date palm jaggery may aid digestion, as we already know. Some say gur can lower water retention as it packs potassium. Having potassium can regulate your body’s electrolyte balance and remove water buildup. 

As a result, you may be able to maximize your weight-loss efforts. Drink khejur gur with warm water and a dash of lemon for revving your workout results.

The best thing is to go back to what our elders used to say about khejur or Nolen gur. It is a great invention and may act as a natural way to combat many ailments. 

Final Thoughts

We don’t need any special reason to have Nolen or khejur gur. It is a part of our culture for ages, and with a good reputation. You can go ahead and gorge on Nolen gur payesh, pitches, and all those wonderful delicacies. Always buy your jaggery from a reliable source to eliminate concerns of adulteration. We have the best jaggery in town at the best rates, ready for home delivery to your doorstep. Order today to relish the cultural heritage served pure and fresh by us!

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