Hilsa Fish, The King of all Fish

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The ilish also is known as the ilisha or Hilsa. It is a species of fish related to the herring, in the family Clupeidae.

It is a very popular fish and a very sought-after food fish in the Indian subcontinent. Nowadays it’s also famous all over the world for its great taste.

Many foreign countries export Hilsa fish from Bangladesh. The most famous ilish fish comes from Chandpur District, Bangladesh.

 It is the national fish of Bangladesh and state symbol in the Indian states of West Bengal and Tripura.

Economical greatness of Hilsa Fish

The silver-coated fish really proves itself as precious as silver. The fish contributes about 12% of the total fish production and about 1.15% of GDP in Bangladesh.

On 6th August 2017, the Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks under the Ministry of Industries of Bangladesh has declared the recognition of ilish as the product of Bangladesh which applied for geographical indication in 2004.

About 450,000 people are directly involved in the catching of the fish as a large part of their livelihood, around four to five million people are indirectly involved with the trade.

It has a huge market in all over India. Many people live their lives by depending on this business.

Where to find

It is a freshwater fish. It is found in 11 countries: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, etc. Bangladesh is the topmost Hilsa-producing country in the world, followed by Myanmar and India.

70 to 75 percent of the total ilish catch is taken in Bangladesh, however, the production reached 517,000 tons in FY 2017-2018, up from 279,189 tons in 2006 to 2007 as a result of a strategy implemented by the Bangladesh government.

Food value

The fish is popular food amongst the people of South Asia and the Middle East, but especially with Bengalis and Odias.

Fish curry is a famous dish made with mustard oil or seed with a few herbs and spices in West Bengal. Bangalis are called them ShorsheIlish.

Fried ilish with steamed rice is also famous in India.

Hilsa in culture

In Andhra Pradesh, the saying goes “Pustelu ammi ayina Pulasa tinocchu“, meaning roughly “It’s worth eating Pulasa/Ilish even if you have to sell your mangala sutra.”

Joda ilish theory:

Ilish is the National Fish of Bangladesh. In many Bengali Hindu families, a pair of ilish fishes (Bengali: Joda Ilish) are bought on auspicious days, for example for special prayers or puja days like for the Hindu Goddess of music, art and knowledge Saraswati Puja, which takes place at the beginning of Spring or on the day of Lakshmi Puja (The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity) which takes place in autumn.

Some people offer the fish to the goddess Lakshmi, without which the Puja is sometimes thought to be incomplete.

In Bengal, Ilish is also used during the wedding as tattwa gift. During Gaye Holud tattwa the family of the groom presents a pair of Ilish to the family of the bride. However, due to the scarcity of Ilish, nowadays it is often replaced by Rohu in West Bengal, while the tradition continues in Bangladesh.

Rainy day feast

In Bangladesh and West Bengal, a famous dish which tastes good with fried ilish fish is ‘khichudi’ (a special way of cooking lentils and rice together with some added herbs).

It is popular among all Bengalis during monsoon which is known as the month of ilish. In West Bengal and Bangladesh, ilish is often termed as the ‘queen’ of fishes.

Godavari ka PULASA

This fish is called PULASA in Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh State in India. The name Pulasa stays with the fish for a limited period between July-Sept of a year, when floods (muddy) water flow in Godavari River. This time the fish is in high demand and sometimes $100 per kilo.

Sindhi cuisine

Hilsa fish called Pallo Machi is an important part of Sindhi cuisine, prepared with numerous cooking methods.

It can be deep-fried and garnished with local spices, can be cooked with onions and potatoes into a traditional fish meal or barbequed. The fish often has roe, which is called “aani” in Sindhi and is enjoyed as a delicacy. Often fried alongside the palla and served with the fish fillets.

Benefits of eating Hilsa fish

Fish is one of the healthiest food. If you are someone who loves to eat fish, continue to do so because it offers you a world of goodness.

  • Eating Hilsa may reduce your cholesterol level and it also rich in omega 3 fatty acid.
  • Hilsa fish has several protein and carbohydrate.
  • It also makes your heart happy and healthy.
  • Eating fish is good for the eyes.
  • It can increase grey cells and slow down ageing.
  • A good and tasty food always fights depression.
  • Fish can make your skin youthful.
  • It prevents asthma in children.
  • It may help to better your vision.
  • It helps to sleep you deep.
  • It also prevents arthritis.

Kolkata’s large fish markets

Kolkata’s big fish markets are kabardanga fish market, manicktala fish market, patipukur fish market, diamond harbour fish bazaar, dhakuria fish market, gariahat fish market, gallif street fish market, new market fish bazaar,  etc.

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Bottom line

Hilsa is proud of India. But due to over demand and some unscrupulous businessmen and some smuggler who doesn’t care about anything but the money they are trying to spoil the chain and the excessive caught of Hilsa fish make them extinct in future.

Hilsa fish a few terms and conditions to seal. It is our responsibility to follow the rule and don’t buy the fish against the rule.

SHAKERS DAILY follow all the sealer rules and never indulge all this dishonesty. Be a responsible buyer and never claims this kind of disobedience. It’s our nature, it’s our culture. We should protect it with all our hearts. Otherwise, it will extinct and we never gonna taste it again.

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