15 Wonderful Health Benefits of Cardamom You Need to Know

You are currently viewing 15 Wonderful Health Benefits of Cardamom You Need to Know

Indians don’t need any introduction to cardamom or elaichi or choto elach. From sweets to toothpaste, cardamom is a part of endless foods and products. 

Generally, we think of cardamom as a flavoring agent, and nothing more. However, you will be surprised to know the range of benefits elaichi provides. To begin with, cardamom is mentioned in several important texts of Ayurveda. Plus, modern scientific research has come up with more perks of elaichi. 

Today, we are going to present some of the unique benefits of cardamom just for you. It will give you more reasons to add elaichi to your regular diet for health and refreshment. 

1. Relieves Water and Urinary Retention

Water buildup in the body and organs is a cause of concern and cause diseases like water retention. Cardamom is a diuretic, meaning it increases urination. Both modern science and Ayurveda agree on this. In fact, elaichi was used for “mutrakrichrahara” in ancient Indian medicine for its diuretic properties. 

2. Lowers Blood Pressure 

Cardamom is rich in antioxidants and acts as a diuretic. This combination makes elaichi a great option for reducing blood pressure. Studies have shown cardamom to effectively bring down blood pressure in patients. 

3. Treats Cough, Cold, and Respiratory Disorders

Ayurveda mentions cardamom’s potential to be used for-

  • Shwasahara/Kshayahara – To relieve asthma and respiratory ailments
  • Kasahara/Kaphahara – Useful for treating cough and cold

Research shows elaichi has bronchodilatory effects and is useful for asthma patients. You can also chew elaichi for its expectorant effect when you have a cough.

4. Resolves Digestive Issues

Cardamom acts as a “deepana” as per Ayurveda and boosts digestion strength. You can get relief from common issues like gas, nausea, vomiting, and constipation. It is even a “rochana” or acts to improve taste. 

People with gastritis or irritable bowel syndrome may also find cardamom helpful.

Scientists also found elaichi to prevent and reduce gastric ulcers better than medicines. Drink some elaichi tea next time you have indigestion or lose your appetite. 

5. Promotes Heart Health

Ayurveda refers to cardamom as “hrudya” or a tonic for your heart. Some animal studies also back up what Ayurveda says. For example, one study found elaichi to protect against heart attacks

The beneficial effects may be due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of cardamom. Additionally, elaichi may also promote healthy cholesterol levels

6. May Help in Obesity and Diabetes

Cardamom can be an answer when you want to lose weight. Few studies found elaichi to facilitate weight loss in prediabetic women.

Moreover, cardamom may be beneficial for diabetic patients. In some studies, elaichi lowered blood sugar and bad cholesterol. 

However, we need more research to confirm these two benefits. You can try other foods to help you control diabetes.

7. Great Oral Health

We don’t need any proof to say elaichi is a cure for bad breath. Chewing elaichi can remove bad odor by improving your digestion. Additionally, the antimicrobial effects of elaichi can kill bacteria in the mouth. This may even help you reduce or prevent dental cavities. 

Elaichi is also a good remedy for dry mouth. You can either chew or have cardamom tea to cure your dry mouth.

8. Good for the Liver

The antioxidants in cardamom play a role in reducing oxidative stress in the liver. Plus, it may also bring down liver inflammation caused by various conditions. Specifically, elaichi may be beneficial for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, as some studies show. 

9. Boosts Your Appetite

Elaichi is a great appetizer. You can throw in a few cardamom pods in your mouth and fight loss of appetite. Some studies even suggest using elaichi to bring back your urge to eat.

Additionally, you can also use cardamom oil to stimulate your appetite

10. May Reduce Infections

The antibacterial properties of cardamom are well established. Scientists found elaichi to attack multiple strains of common bacteria. Cardamom also fights the growth of fungal infections, even for strains that medicines can’t kill. Plus, studies also found elaichi to inhibit the bacteria that contribute to food poisoning.

Eating elaichi regularly may be a good way to prevent many common infections. 

11. May Uplift Your Mood

Some sources say cardamom tea in Ayurveda was a treatment for depression. Unfortunately, we don’t have any research to prove this point. However, some animal studies found elaichi to reduce anxiety. 

Elaichi can also be made into an oil and used for aromatherapy. You may get many benefits including-

  • A calm and soothing feeling
  • Relief from stress and tension
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Reduction of nausea

Moreover, the scent of elaichi can also act as an aphrodisiac. Massaging with cardamom oil may also soothe muscles and digestive problems. Plus, Ayurveda says elaichi pacifies our body elements. 

12. Get Rid of Hiccups and Spasms

Elaichi comes with anti-spasmodic properties. What it means is, cardamom can reduce spasms or contractions of the muscles. Additionally, the spice can also calm the nerves and soothe muscles

You can cure your hiccups by taking cardamom. It may also be beneficial for other types of spasms, like stomach cramps.

13. Reduces Bodily Pains

Elaichi is a popular folk medicine to reduce pains in your body. Ayurveda also mentions the analgesic properties of cardamom. You may be able to alleviate your pains and aches with the use of elaichi.

Animal studies also found elaichi as effective as aspirin (Disprin) in reducing pain. 

14. Promotes Peaceful Sleep

Surprisingly, elaichi may help you sleep better. Scientists discovered the sedating effects of cardamom in animal studies. In fact, elaichi was as sedating as a type of sleeping pills

15. Rich in Nutrients

Elaichi packs a number of nutrients for its small size. You can find a range of vitamins and minerals to boost your health. Among the vitamins, you can enjoy vitamin A, D, B6, and C. Minerals like magnesium, iron, and calcium also do you good. 

Add elaichi to your diet and open the gates to a healthy life. You have several ways of having cardamom, including teas and raw pods. Buy the best cardamom in the market to ensure you get all the benefits. 

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