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We all know that a Brand’s name speaks of its own. People believe that a brand’s tag defines its quality and it is not a myth at all. A brand establishes there name with hardship and efforts among the rat race. And the competition is not an easy task to win nowadays. And when it shines one, the company do their best to keep it shine without any black spot. And they maintain their product quality for the customers and their own sake.

Haringhata Meat is one of the eminent brands nowadays because of its quality meat and other products. It is owned by the West Bengal Livestock Development Corporation (WBLDC).

Haringhata Meat especially delivers meat products such as

Chicken dressed

  1. Chicken boneless
  2. Chicken keema
  3. Chicken drumstick
  4. Chicken lollypop
  5. Chicken wing
  6. Chicken hot wing cut
  7. Chicken tandoor cut
  8. Chicken whole leg
  9. Pre cut chicken with skin
  10. Pre cut chicken without skin

Chicken processed

  1. Chicken salami
  2. Chicken variant salami
  3. Chicken spiced sausage
  4. Chicken cheese onion sausage
  5. Chicken nuggets
  6. Chicken popcorn
  7. Chicken loaf
  8. Chicken ham
  9. Chicken burger patty
  10. Chicken breakfast sausage
  11. Chicken cube
  12. Chicken cocktail sausage
  13. Chicken frankfurter

Non meat

  1. Quail egg
  2. Honey
  3. Ghee
  4. Mustard oil

Pork dressed

  1. Lean pork
  2. Fresh pork
  3. Porkchop
  4. Pork fillet
  5. Minced meat

Pork processed

  1. Pork cocktail sausage
  2. Pork special sausage
  3. Pork salami
  4. Pork luncheon meat
  5. Pork frank further
  6. Pork bacon roll
  7. Pork ham

Nonconventional meat

  1. Dressed Cockrel
  2. Pekin dressed duck
  3. Dressed turkey
  4. Dressed lamb meat
  5. Dressed chevon
  6. Vanraja desi chicken
  7. Dressed quail

They have many offline Haringhata meat outlets spread across the state. But there very recent move is that they are tied up with few online grocery shop. Shakers Daily is one of those lucky names who can proudly sell Haringhata Meat and every product through their online chain.

Why choose an online portal?

Groceries sell irrespectively of the state of the economy. You can stop going to the cinemas and restaurants, but there’s no way you can live without toothpaste, soap and, food items.

Caught in the city’s fast pace, tedious commuting, and long working hours, many consumers don’t have the time to buy groceries or would like to avoid the chore.

We all know that online grocery businesses are getting on air dayby day and its popularity is mainly depends on some key advantages. Online grocery shopping is easier and hustles free. It delivers to your doorstep. And it maintains the quality and the brand of the products. Now you can choose your preferable brand from your home without roaming uselessly.

Now pandemic is one of the reasons people use to avoid random roaming and crowd of the market, so many people turn into offline buyers to online buyers in this period. And they enjoyed it undoubtedly.

A time-saving click

A grocery delivery service can be a convenient option for anyone, including the elderly and other people with limited mobility or a lack of transportation. Busy families also tend to take advantage of online grocery shopping services.

Meat is on-demand

Meat consumption is on high demand and growing day by day in India. The demand for fresh and quality meat and the lack of it at the traditional offline store makes people more tend to go for online purchases for its variety and options. Haringhata Meat is high in protein and delicious in taste and it’s a mandate to eat meat at least once in a week. But many people who are a fitness enthusiast and very caring about their body rather than money they consume healthy and quality meat every day. Many weaker children are suggesting eating meat regularly.

Choose SHAKERS DAILY for better product and better price

From roaming here and there for the accurate quality product you want in the scorching summer or the intolerable crowd to finding exactly what you want from your smartphone by just one click we are growing advance. Apart from many minds blowing quality of online grocery shopping, there is another reason to go online is ‘discount’.

Offline store hardly offs some of the penny on the products but here online, you can find several offers and discounts on products.

The pockets are usually going light weight during any festivals. And the grocery prices going higher during this time is not a new thing to experience. But grocery is an unavoidable chapter of the everyday schedule. Now the trick is online shopping can save some of the bucks of your pocket because there is a trend that they follow is to give a big discount on every purchase. And some coupon codes are also valid in this time. So you can avail quality products and better and lesser price both. And that gives you the ultimate pleasure of any festivals.

Haringhata meat ties up with shakers daily and believes in us by seeing our growth in this online field. This is one of the best sites to buy essentials and we promise to deliver it within 24 hours of the order placed. We can assure you to maintain all the safety protocols and gives you the best items throughout at the best price.

The bottom line

Food is the only medium to make one happy. A happy tummy owns a happy heart. And we respect that feeling. We know your overall health depends on food but nothing. That is why we The Shakers daily happily tie-up with the best Haringhata meat to provide you with the world-class product at your doorstep at the best price. We say to you that ‘stay home stay safe’ and order from us, sit back and relax. Your product will ship to you within a promising time. We are delivering each Haringhata meat product to you.

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