10 Best Indian Food Rich in Iron which is Available in Local market

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“FOOD” when we hear the word our mouth automatically filled with water and nose try to smell the delicacy of the food and brain use to think about the favourite dishes in a heavy amount. Our every action has one major motive and that is to eat well.

There is no need to hide the fact that we usually fantasise almost every delicious food in our mind and crave for them all the time. We never say NO to any food after a stomach full appetite. But we mostly imagined those unhealthy junk foods which barely have some benefits but many side-effects.

Hang on, we never ask you to quit it but to control it. Because a healthy food habit is beneficial from all sides. Your overall health is depending on your food consumption.

What is IRON?

Well, we all hear the name IRON. But we hardly know it. Why it is so used term, and why it is so important for our health we mostly don’t know.

IRON is a mineral that serves several important functions in our body. Its main role is to carrying oxygen throughout the body as a part of red blood cells.

Interestingly, the amount of iron your body absorbs is partly based on how much you have stored.

Why it is so important to consume IRON to be fit

Iron is a vital element to produce blood in your body. About 70% of your body’s iron is found in red blood cell which is called haemoglobin and in muscle cells called myoglobin.

Myoglobin may be a necessary part for transferring element in your from the lungs to the tissues. And therefore the haemoglobin in muscle cells accepts, stores, transports and releases element.

When iron stores are exhausted, the condition is termed iron depletion. More decreases could also be known as an iron-deficient biological process and still more decreases manufacture iron deficiency anaemia.

Blood loss is the most typical explanation for iron deficiency. In men and biological time girls, iron deficiency is nearly continuously the results of epithelial duct blood loss. In sick girls, sex organ blood loss usually accounts for augmented iron needs. Oral contraceptives tend to decrease blood loss, whereas intrauterine devices tend to extend expelling hurt. Different causes of sex organ hurt and tract hurt additionally increase iron needs.

10 Best Indian Food Rich in Iron which are Available in Local market

There are many iron-based supplements which can cure the iron deficiency in your body and gives you the amount of iron which a human body wants per day. But we always prefer food than any sort of tablets or health drinks as foods have their quality. Now let’s know more about iron-rich foods which are easily available in locals.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are the most efficient food option to chew anytime. Every nuts and seed are enriching with iron and help to fight with anaemia. Peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, cashew, almond and pumpkin seeds are the most effective nuts and seeds loaded with iron. These healthy indulge are also make your stomach full for a long time and help you not to eat junk foods often.

Herbs and spices

Our Indian dishes are incomplete without herbs and spices. We most of us don’t know its richness. We use it as a tastemaker but its benefits are beyond think. Turmeric, tamarind, cumin seed, mango powder and poppy seeds are especially rich in iron. Others are as good as them. Our homemade meals are packed with herbs and spices including mother’s love, which help us to intake a good amount of iron daily. This makes us stay away from iron deficiency.


The red good looking beetroot is should be in the list when we are talking about iron-rich foods. It is high in folate which makes the haemoglobin count higher. It is also rich in vitamin C. We usually have it as a curry or as a salad. Its refreshing taste always leaves an impression behind it.

Dark chocolate

It is hard to resist a delicious dark chocolate bar at any time. Time does not matter when the meeting is with dark chocolate. But we think it as a guilty pleasure without knowing its richness. A small piece of dark chocolate content a healthy amount of iron and many more health benefits. So next time you will eat a bar of dark chocolate eat a little extra.


Legumes are the very common ingredients in every Indian kitchen. We also love to eat it. It contains a good amount of iron and other minerals which helps to prevent various diseases and protect our health.


It is mandatory to have chicken at least once a week. Since childhood to till date Sunday is the day to have a delicious meal including chicken and spent quality time with family and friends. Chicken is loaded with iron and many other minerals which is a power pack meal of anyone.


The most edible non-veg item might be the egg. People can eat egg in breakfast, lunch, evening and dinner. It is very good to prevent anemia. But not only iron, but the egg is also rich in many other essential nutrients.


Fish is a very common and tasty indulgence. Fishes have many varieties and every fish contains iron which helps us to combat iron deficiency. Not only fish, but even much seafood also has an iron-rich element in them.

Fresh green vegetables

The one common thing we use to listen every day at the lunch and dinner table is green vegetables are the must-eat items. Since childhood to still now, many of us want to avoid green vegetables but have to eat them to make mothers happy. But we forget that the fresh green vegetables are the power pack meal of all time and the only answer to all the health issues. It is rich in iron and other nutrient which makes us all-rounder and helps to makes us more fit.


Potatoes are everyone’s favorite and most edible vegetables among all. This one vegetable is made other vegetables more tasty and healthy as well. Potato is the only vegetable which goes with every other vegetable in the pan. Its iron richness is remarkable.

The bottom line

Iron is an indispensable element which our body needs on an everyday basis. The iron deficiency drives us to some other crucial diseases which are not expected all at. Eating healthy home-made food is the only way to combat these stubborn maladies.

Wish you and your loved ones good health.

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