5 Ways to Use Ginger To Avoid and Cure Cough and Cold

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Can ginger prevent and cure cough and cold?

Ginger is found abundantly in Indian kitchens and foods. We don’t need to tell you the benefits of ginger- our grandmothers already made us aware when we were kids. Ginger tea is one of the most common solutions we have to cure a sore throat. 

But what makes ginger so beneficial for cold and cough? How can we use ginger to prevent and cure your infections?

Today, we will learn how to take advantage of ginger to cure your cough and cold. We will list 5 ways you can use ginger to get help with common ailments. 

Here is the first way to reduce your sneezes, cough, and running nose!

1. Hot Ginger Lemon Water

Benefits: Removes phlegm buildup and reduces pain

Boil some water and add ginger and a few drops of lemon. Drink the hot mixture to remove phlegm from your throat and lungs. The drink will also soothe your throat and reduce pain and irritation.

Ginger comes loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also a potent antioxidant and helps lower pain and sore throat. Additionally, ginger may also be effective against common cold ailments and bring down your symptoms.

In studies, ginger was able to provide relief to tonsillitis and pharyngitis patients. They received a mixture of ginger and herbs that reduced pain significantly. Ginger was also found effective for lowering symptoms of acute tonsillitis

You can have hot ginger lemon water a few times throughout the day to get maximum relief. Add a dash of honey to bring about a sweetness if you please. 

Chewing on raw ginger may also give you similar benefits. However, not everyone is comfortable chewing ginger raw. 

2. Honey Ginger Wrap

Benefits: Reduces cough and clears mucous

This is an unusual way to use ginger for cough and cold, but it surely works. You can make a ginger paste wrap for your chest and get wonderful results. Here is how to make your ginger wrap-

  • Mix flour and honey to make a paste
  • Add olive oil to get your desired consistency
  • Add grated ginger or ginger paste
  • Now, get a piece of cloth and put the paste inside
  • Take gauze and wrap around the cloth
  • Place it on your chest and put some adhesive tape
  • Leave it overnight

You will wake up to find your lungs clear and free from congestion. For kids, use the wrap for only a few hours at the maximum. It is a wonderful relief that you can easily make at your home. So, next time you have too much mucous buildup, use the ginger wrap trick to bring relief. 

3. Hot Ginger Tea

Benefits: Soothes throat, cures cold and cough

Ginger tea is a known remedy for cold and cough. Add a few pieces of ginger and tulsi leaves in your tea to b able to breathe freely again. How does ginger cure cold?

Ginger packs strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. Various bacteria and viruses bring about common colds and infections. For example, Candida albicans and Enterococcus faecalis are microorganisms that cause oral infections. 

Ginger is effective not only against Candida albicans and Enterococcus faecalis but also other pathogens. You can drink ginger tea to soothe your dry and sore throat. Antioxidants in ginger also play a role in fighting against common diseases.

Additionally, the anti-inflammatory effects of ginger also help in the common cold and flu. 

Many of us have a knack for ginger tea. It’s so easy to make, and you don’t need any special ingredients. You can also pluck a few leaves off your tulsi plant without difficulty. 

If you don’t like tea, try any other hot ginger drink on our list for similar results. 

4. Ginger Lemongrass Water

Benefits: Fights cold, cough, and flu

Lemongrass is also a good herb to combat cold and cough. It’s rich in anti-inflammatory properties and even acts as an anti-fungal. That means you can kill the pesky germs causing your cold and flu.

The medicinal advantages of ginger also include bioactive compounds that improve your health. They may even strengthen your immunity and help you recover faster. In fact, ginger can be more effective than cold medicines to fight viruses and flu. 

Studies also back the claims and show ginger to boost immunity. As a result, you can even prevent and cure common cold and sore throat with ginger.

How to make ginger lemongrass water?

  • Boil some water with grated ginger
  • Throw in some fresh or dry lemongrass
  • Add honey if you want
  • Cut the flame and let the mixture sit for a few minutes
  • Drink it whenever you wish

5. Ginger Cardamom Drink

Benefits: Good for cough and cold

Cardamom is another wonderful natural treatment for cold and cough. It is even beneficial for respiratory ailments and asthma patients. Cardamom also packs bronchodilatory effects to help you relieve your cough. Even Ayurveda mentions the advantages of cardamom for different respiratory problems.

Added with ginger, cardamom can create a magical cure for your cold. You can add cardamom to any of the drinks we mentioned above for great results. Even chewing cardamom can give you some relief from your symptoms.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can use ginger in endless ways for cough and cold. We listed some of the most effective ways to bring your quick relief. You can add ginger to your recipes and get the benefits on a regular basis. Try our hot ginger tea and drinks when you have a cold to lower your symptoms. You may also be able to kill the viruses and get better faster. 

Always buy fresh ginger and wash it properly before cooking. We also sell good quality ginger to cure your coughs and colds. Order yourself some ginger today to sleep peacefully with a clear nose and throat. No more running nose or wheezing to keep you awake!

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