5 Ways Kala Namak (Black Salt) is Good for Health

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Remember the “current namak” we used to have when we were kids?

While it tasted amazing, the main ingredient, kala namak, is quite common in India. Referred to as Himalayan black salt, it is also common in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. 

Recently, black salt seems to be the healthy choice of many people. You can also find several brands selling kala namak, even online. Is black salt really so beneficial?

That’s what we are set to explore today! We will dissect black salt and tell you what you can expect from it. So, let’s get a few things sorted first.

What is Kala Namak

Himalayan black salt is a type of rock salt. Indians used to mix different herbs and heat them to make kala namak. However, many manufacturers today make black salt out of different forms of sodium and charcoal. It is also safe to consume but may contain impurities. 

You can also find other types of black salt like black lava salt in different parts of the world. In India, the natural kala namak is always Himalayan black salt. 

So, how is black salt beneficial for us?

1. Contains More Minerals

Kala namak is a Himalayan product and may be rich in minerals. That makes sense, but we don’t have much research on the subject. We do find the mention of black salt extensively in Ayurveda. You can read ” Charaka Samhita” to know more about the benefits of kala namak.

Some sources claim black salt to be more nutritious. You may also be able to improve your iron levels naturally. Doctors also sometimes suggest taking kala namak to help with anemia. 

You can add black salt to your diet by replacing regular table salt. However, don’t expect wonderful benefits as we eat only a small amount of salt. Another good thing is, black salt is also low on sodium and safe for people with high blood pressure. So, it might be better to eat kala namak in place of your regular salt. 

However, consult a doctor before you feed your child black salt regularly. 

2. Aids in Digestion

Kala namak is a great appetizer if you’ve noticed. In fact, black salt may help you improve your digestion, according to WebMD. It stimulates our liver to make more bile juices and absorb more nutrients. Black salt may also reduce your acid reflux and acid levels to bring comfort. This is especially helpful in the case of heartburn.

Kala namak can also ease your digestive problems. It can be a good way to cut back bloating or gas. You can have a pinch of black salt to get instant relief from gas buildup.

Ayurveda also mentions the digestive benefits of kala namak. It may even help people with constipation lead a better life. Kala namak may act as a laxative and help you have healthy bowel movements. 

Now you can understand why people add black salt to jal jeera. It works really well to relieve stomach discomfort and stimulate your appetite. 

3. Acts as a Decongestant

Kala namak may be an answer to your clogged nostrils and lungs. Inhaling steam with black salt may clear up your nostrils and air pathways. You can also get a soothing effect on your throat and remove any buildup of phlegm. 

Kala namak may even work wonders for dry cough. It contains antioxidants that may help with common diseases. Just add a bit of kala namak to boiling water and inhale the hot steam. 

Gurgling with hot black salt water can also be beneficial. It can help you reduce the inflammation of your tonsils. You may also be able to fight sinusitis. Gurgle using kala namak at least two times a day for the best results. 

Black salt may also be great for reducing water retention in tissues. It contains less sodium, excess of which may cause water retention.

4. May Be Good for the Heart

Black salt may be able to thin your blood and regulate blood pressure. It’s also low on sodium and suitable for people with high blood pressure. However, you should limit your intake of black salt to 3.75 grams each day. Healthy people can take up to 6 grams of kala namak per day in a safe way.

Or in other words, you shouldn’t have more than 2.3 grams of sodium per day.

Black salt may also help you reduce cholesterol levels. It can eliminate the toxin waste left behind by poorly digested food in our stomachs. Lower levels of cholesterol is a sure way to have a healthy heart. You may also be able to keep several cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Additionally, black salt may be beneficial in reducing the complications of diabetes. It can lower blood glucose levels and keep diabetes in check. However, we need more research on the subject to back up the claims with proper evidence. 

5. Cleanse Your Skin

Black salt can be an addition to your beauty and wellness products. You can apply a black salt mixture on your skin to get rid of dirt, grime, and oil. It is especially helpful for cleaning your face and make it glowing.

You just need to add distilled water to kala namak and leave it overnight. The salt will absorb the whole of the water by morning. You can then apply the paste on your face for a smooth skin. Black salt may also work for soothing your cracked heels. 

Some people also even use kala namak to treat sprains. You may also get relief from swollen feet and ankles. 

Final Thoughts

Black salt is a great replacement for regular salt for all its benefits. However, don’t try to consume excess amounts of kala namak as it may lead to unhealthy consequences. You can also enjoy the unique taste and flavor of black salt in your recipes and dishes. 

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